Basketball is a 3d game where players navigate a basketball into a hoop. It features physics-based gameplay, a fun and addictive game that challenges players’ timing, accuracy, and dexterity.
Hold and drag mouse to throw ball


“Basketball” is an engaging 3D game that revolves around players’ ability to navigate a basketball into a hoop. The game offers physics-based gameplay, making it a fun and addictive experience that challenges the player’s timing, accuracy, and dexterity.

The gameplay is relatively straightforward, and the primary control involves the use of a mouse:

  • Hold and Drag Mouse: To take a shot and throw the basketball, you hold down the left mouse button and then drag the mouse in the desired direction and angle. The force and angle with which you release the ball will determine whether you make a successful basket or not.

This simple yet skill-demanding mechanic encourages players to master their aim and release the ball at just the right moment. Achieving a perfect shot can be incredibly satisfying and often requires practice and precision.

Overall, “Basketball” is a game that provides an enjoyable and challenging experience for those looking to test their shooting skills and coordination. Whether you’re competing against yourself or challenging friends for the highest score, the game offers a great opportunity for entertainment and friendly competition.

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