Vex 8 is the newest installment in the ever-popular Vex franchise. Dexterity, speed and skill are keywords in this thrilling platformer filled with obstacles like the new red-green light traps. Discover nine acts and try to find the secret areas to collect trophies. The game also includes the brand new infinite mode. How far can you get without losing?


“Vex 8” is the latest addition to the popular Vex franchise, offering a thrilling platformer experience filled with challenges and obstacles. In this game, dexterity, speed, and skill are crucial as you navigate through various levels and overcome obstacles, including the new red-green light traps.

Key features of “Vex 8” include:

  1. Nine Acts: Explore a total of nine acts in the game, each presenting a new set of challenges and obstacles to conquer.
  2. Secret Areas: Test your exploration skills and find hidden secret areas within the game to collect trophies, adding an element of discovery to the gameplay.
  3. Infinite Mode: “Vex 8” introduces a brand new infinite mode where you can push your skills to the limit. How far can you progress without losing?

The Vex franchise is known for its platforming challenges and fast-paced gameplay. With the addition of new features like the red-green light traps and secret areas, “Vex 8” offers an exciting and engaging experience for players who enjoy testing their dexterity and reflexes. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or new to the Vex games, this installment promises to provide hours of fun and a chance to see just how far you can get without losing in the infinite mode.

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