Stickman Ninja Way of the Shinobi

Stickman – Ninja from the clan of Black Panthers enters the battle. Help him drive the invaders out of his house! Defeat your enemies with lightning strikes and combo attacks. Dodge enemy attacks with a roll. Upgrade your character so that you have the strength to defeat all enemies and free your house.
Control:- Movement: WASD.- Roll: Space.- Sword Strike: Left mouse click.- Combo Attack: Right mouse click.


In this action-packed adventure, you assume the role of a Stickman Ninja from the prestigious Clan of Black Panthers, and your mission is to defend your home from invading forces. You must utilize your lightning-fast strikes and combo attacks to defeat your enemies and drive them out of your house. Additionally, you can dodge enemy attacks with a quick roll to maintain your advantage in the battle. To ensure your character is well-equipped for the fight, you can upgrade their abilities and strength.

Here are the controls to master in this thrilling ninja battle:

  • Movement (WASD): Use the W, A, S, and D keys to navigate your Stickman Ninja through the game world, allowing you to approach enemies strategically and explore your surroundings.
  • Roll (Space): Press the Spacebar to execute a swift roll, allowing you to evade enemy attacks and maintain your agility in battle. Rolling at the right moment can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Sword Strike (Left mouse click): Engage in direct combat by clicking the left mouse button to deliver a sword strike. Dispatch your adversaries with lightning-quick attacks and precise strikes.
  • Combo Attack (Right mouse click): When you need to unleash a powerful sequence of blows, hold down the right mouse button for a combo attack. This move can be particularly effective against tougher enemies or when you’re surrounded.

As you progress through the game and defeat enemies, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your character. Strengthening your Stickman Ninja will grant you the power and abilities needed to overcome increasingly formidable foes and ultimately free your house from the invaders.

This action-packed adventure promises exciting battles, lightning-fast combat, and the satisfaction of defeating your enemies. Get ready to take on the role of the Stickman Ninja and defend your home with skill and determination

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