A Story Line Game about a YOUTUBER struggling to get GOLD PLAY BUTTON but there are something strange happens to his PC and want to take a Survey? ● 3 Different Endings. ● StoryLine. ● High Quality Gamplay. ● Playtime: 30 – 60 mins! ( Maximum ).


It sounds like you’re describing an intriguing storyline for a video game or interactive experience in which a YouTuber is striving to achieve the coveted Gold Play Button, but encounters strange events related to their computer and a survey. The game is designed to have multiple endings, a well-crafted storyline, high-quality gameplay, and an estimated playtime of 30 to 60 minutes.

Key features of this experience may include:

  1. Storyline: The central aspect of this game is its engaging narrative, following the journey of a YouTuber facing unusual events.
  2. Multiple Endings: The inclusion of three different endings suggests that players’ choices and actions throughout the game can influence the outcome, adding replay value and decision-making elements.
  3. High-Quality Gameplay: The game is expected to offer a high-quality gaming experience, which could encompass graphics, gameplay mechanics, and overall immersion.
  4. Estimated Playtime: The game is designed to be relatively short, with a maximum playtime of 30 to 60 minutes, making it accessible for a single gaming session.

To create an effective and engaging storyline-based game, it’s important to ensure that the narrative is well-structured, choices have meaningful consequences, and players are provided with clear objectives and guidance to navigate through the story. The inclusion of multiple endings can further enhance the replayability and player engagement.

If you’re developing a game that revolves around storytelling, decisions, and intriguing events, this concept has the potential to offer an immersive and interactive gaming experience for players.

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