Lead the mightiest army and crush other players! Summon Epic heroes, use their unique skill, and recruit thousands of soldiers and use the terrain strategically! Lead ferocious creatures from the Might & Magic universe and crush the armies of other players with tactics…or brute force!


In this strategic battle game, you’ll assume the role of a mighty army commander, leading your forces to victory. The game revolves around summoning epic heroes, utilizing their unique skills, and amassing a vast army. Your objective is to strategically employ your troops on the battlefield, leveraging the terrain to your advantage. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to command ferocious creatures from the renowned Might & Magic universe as you aim to defeat the armies of other players using both cunning tactics and sheer brute force.

Key features of the game include:

  1. Epic Heroes: The game allows you to summon and control epic heroes, each possessing distinctive abilities and skills. These heroes will play a pivotal role in your overall strategy.
  2. Army Recruitment: Recruit thousands of soldiers to form your formidable army. Each soldier has their own strengths and capabilities, contributing to your military might.
  3. Strategic Terrain: The terrain on which battles take place is a critical element. Using the landscape strategically can give you a significant advantage in engagements.
  4. Might & Magic Universe: The inclusion of creatures from the beloved Might & Magic universe adds depth to the game and provides players with the opportunity to command iconic and powerful beings.
  5. Tactical Warfare: Employ a combination of tactical thinking and brute force to overcome the armies of other players. Formulating effective battle plans is essential for victory.

This game combines the thrill of strategic thinking with the excitement of commanding epic heroes and creatures in the renowned Might & Magic universe. Whether you prefer a more tactically oriented approach or favor unleashing powerful forces on the battlefield, this game offers a wide range of strategies to explore and master.

If you’re a fan of strategic battle games, commanding armies, and diving into the rich world of Might & Magic, you’ll likely find this game to be an engaging and immersive experience. Gather your forces, summon your heroes, and lead your army to conquest in this epic battle for supremacy!

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