Idle Mole Empire

Grow your mole empire in this idle tycoon simulation game.Construct different mole tunnels to suit the needs of your customers. This includes building mole farms, gyms, bars, science labs and grand halls.Control mole workers, move them up and down the elevators to move the goods, and finally CASH it in the Mole sales office.Did we say mole billionaire tycoon yet? No, we meant trillionaire mole tycoon, because this game is for folks with big dreams.
Build your underground empire


In the idle tycoon simulation game “Mole Tycoon,” you’ll embark on an underground adventure to grow your mole empire. Your mission is to construct a variety of mole tunnels that cater to the diverse needs of your customers. This means building mole farms, gyms, bars, science labs, and grand halls in your underground domain. You’ll be in charge of controlling your mole workers, moving them up and down elevators to manage the flow of goods and, in the end, cashing in your earnings at the Mole sales office. Are you ready to become a trillionaire mole tycoon by building your underground empire?

The gameplay involves various elements:

  1. Construction: You’ll have the opportunity to design and construct mole tunnels, each with its unique purpose, to serve your customers. This requires strategic planning to ensure that your underground empire thrives and expands.
  2. Resource Management: As the mole boss, you’ll need to manage your mole workers effectively, ensuring they’re in the right place at the right time. Using elevators, you can move your mole workers up and down to keep the goods flowing smoothly.
  3. Earnings: Your ultimate goal is to maximize your earnings by running your underground businesses efficiently. The Mole sales office is where you can cash in on your hard-earned profits.

The game offers a fun and engaging experience for players who enjoy simulation and idle tycoon games. As you progress and build your mole empire, you’ll face increasing challenges and opportunities to expand your operations. The satisfaction of seeing your mole empire grow and the thrill of becoming a trillionaire mole tycoon are significant driving factors in this game.

So, if you’re someone with grand dreams and a penchant for strategic planning, “Mole Tycoon” provides the perfect opportunity to build your underground empire and become the ultimate mole mogul. Dive into this unique world of mole tycoons and experience the excitement of constructing a thriving underground society.

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