Agent Walker vs Skibidi Toilets

An exciting adventure awaits you, where you will become an agent Cameraman, and your faithful companion is a Walker with 4 mechanical arms. Your every step is filled with dynamics and action. Your four weapon hands are ready for battle, whether it be machine guns, miniguns or grenade launchers.Your adventure is just beginning, and you have to become a real hero in the fight against Skibidi Toilets! Are you ready to take on this absurd threat and have fun with battles and explosions?
Mouse – look aroundWASD – moveShift – runSpacebar – jumpLeft mouse button – shootRight mouse button (hold) – aimR – reload


In this thrilling adventure, you’ll step into the shoes of Agent Cameraman, accompanied by your trusty four-armed Walker. Your every move is filled with action and excitement. With four mechanical arms at your disposal, you’re armed and ready for battle, equipped with everything from machine guns and miniguns to grenade launchers. Your journey is just beginning, and you’re tasked with becoming a true hero in the battle against the Skibidi Toilets. Are you prepared to take on this bizarre threat and have a blast with battles and explosions?

Here are the controls to navigate this action-packed adventure:

Mouse: Look around to assess your surroundings.
WASD: Move your character in different directions, allowing you to explore the game world.
Shift: Use this to sprint, adding an element of speed and urgency to your movements.
Spacebar: Jump to avoid obstacles or reach higher platforms.
Left mouse button: Fire your selected weapon at your adversaries, bringing firepower to the fight.
Right mouse button (hold): Aim your weapon precisely for accurate shots, ensuring your bullets hit their mark.
R: Reload your weapons when your ammo runs low, so you’re always ready for action.

With these controls at your disposal, you’ll embark on a thrilling and action-packed adventure filled with explosions, battles, and absurd threats. Get ready to take on the Skibidi Toilets and prove your mettle as Agent Cameraman with your formidable Walker companion!

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